WMO Information System (WIS) is WMO’s modern strategy in managing and moving weather, water and climate information.WIS is being designed to dramatically extend WMO Members' ability to collect and disseminate data and products. It will be the core information system utilized by WMO Members, providing linkages for all WMO and supported programs associated with weather, climate, water, and related natural disasters. It is being built upon the Global Telecommunication System of WMO's World Weather Watch, using standard elements and at a pace feasible for all Members.

WIS has three types of centers.

  1. National Centres (NC)

     Collect and distribute data on a national basis

  1. Data Collection or Production Centres (DCPC)

     Collect or generate data sets, forecasts products, processed or value-added information and provide archiving services

  1. Global Information System Centres (GISC)

     Collect and distribute the information meant for routine global dissemination as well as in their areas of responsibilities

     Provide entry points through portals and catalogues for any request for data held within WIS

Each WIS centre is associated with a principal GISC that serves as the center’s main entry point for distributing and receiving WIS data and metadata by appropriate telecommunication systems, including  the GTS. Association between a centre and a GISC is established by bilateral agreement.



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